GCBGC Website

GCBGC Website

Being offered free web hosting by the Cambridge Student-Run Computing Facility inspired me to make a little website for our college’s board games society. It’s very basic but I’m happy with the simple, clean look and it really only needs to serve as a vessel for two or three jokes to fulfil its purpose!

The fantastic pixel art icon of our mascot Noodle was created by Jenny Fletcher specifically for this website.

Pixel art of the GCBGC mascot Noodle, a round green dinosaur

My favourite part of this project is the newsprint-style dotted background I created with the help of a friend.

Screenshot of dotted background from the GCBGC website.

It’s quite easy to miss on the website but I think it adds a nice subtle separation between the main body of the page and the background without having to make either too dark in colour. If you’re interested in trying out a similar look, here’s the CSS I used:

body {
        radial-gradient(#DDDDDD 20%, transparent 20%),
        radial-gradient(#DDDDDD 20%, transparent 20%),
    background-size: 8px 8px;
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